Halo Knight T107Pro Electric Scooter

$1,743.00 USD
$3,050.00 USD
$1,743.00 USD
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Version: 60V 6000W 38.4Ah No Seat
Ships From: EU Warehouse
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Halo Knight T107Pro Electric Scooter

Halo Knight T107Pro Electric Scooter

$3,050.00 $1,743.00

Halo Knight T107Pro Electric Scooter

$3,050.00 $1,743.00
Version: 60V 6000W 38.4Ah No Seat
Ships From: EU Warehouse

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Halo Knight combines quality, performance, and style, making it the top electric scooter choice under 2000 euros

Featuring professional lighting

Halo Knight includes white U7 lamps, full-body RGB lights (upright, deck, footrest) with a remote, and essential safety lights like front white, rear red, brake lights, and turn signals for both front and rear. It's a blend of artful design and safety for a secure ride.

#Featured On Halo Knight T107Pro

Attention to detail is key to success, and the T107pro exemplifies Halo Knight's commitment to perfection.

#Featured On Details

Adjustable Steering Damper

The steering damper ensures stability at high speeds by reducing handlebar shaking, enhancing your driving safety.

High-Quality CST 11-Inch Off-Road Inflatable Tires Suitable for Various Terrains.

A better option than the cheaper, lower-quality tubeless tires in the market, our 11-inch CST pneumatic tires offer superior performance. We recommend choosing inflatable tires over tubeless ones, as tubeless tires are integrated with the motor, making them hard to separate. In case of serious damage, you would need to replace not just the tire but also the motor, leading to high repair costs. Plus, thick tires enhance the vehicle's momentum, ensuring a great riding experience.

Professional, Stunning Lighting Effects

White U7 lamps, full-body RGB lights with remote control, front white position lights, rear red position lights, brake lights, and front and rear turn signals. Artistic design, safety-compliant lights for a safer ride.

The Package Includes

1 x Electric Scooter (Seat not included)

2 x 3A European plug chargers

2 x Voltage lock keys

2 x 25km/h speed limit remote controls

1 x RGB lights remote control

1 x User Manual

1 x Toolkit

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Join Halo Knight and enjoy riding to the fullest

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