Technology & Innovation

Welcome to HALO KNIGHT Performance Research and Production Shop

Halo Knight stands as a leading manufacturer of performance products committed to enhancing your riding experience. Our e-bikes and e-scooters showcase the industry's core technology and features.


With proficient R&D capabilities in design and production, Halo Knight's product series continually evolve, staying current and setting trends. Our efficient and high-quality R&D practices keep us at the forefront of fashion.


Backed by extensive production experience and the latest industry insights, we employ industry-leading technologies. We spare no effort in exploring, developing, and verifying technologies that best align with HALO KNIGHT's expectations and standards for product use.


Our commitment extends to standing alongside our customers, gathering timely feedback, and continuously adjusting our R&D direction and production details. This ensures that our products meet the needs of the masses and align closely with everyday life.