Warranty Policy

At Halo Knight, our priority is to serve our riders with the most innovative riding products in the world, and to stand behind the products that we sell. For this reason, we're pleased to offer the generous and rider-friendly warranty policies for our e-bikes and e-scooters.

This warranty is valid from the date of purchase, applicable only to the original purchaser, and is non-transferable. It applies exclusively to Halo Knight products purchased through www.haloknights.com.

Halo Knight e-bikes and e-scooters come with distinct warranty durations and coverage terms.

All Halo Knight E-scooters are backed by a limited warranty lasting 3-6 months, commencing from the date of the order.

The 6-month warranty is exclusively applicable to specific components, including the lithium battery, motor, controller, LCD display, throttle, brakes, chargers, and switches.

For a duration of 3 months, the warranty specifically covers components such as head lights, rear lights, brake lights, LED lights, and the horn.

All Halo Knight E-bikes come with a 12-month limited warranty, starting from the date of the order. This warranty applies to specific components, including the frame, lithium battery, motor, controller, LCD display, accelerator, brakes, chargers, switches, lights, and pedal assistance sensors.

Normal wear and tear
Improper assembly
Improper follow-up maintenance
Consumable parts, including tires, saddles, plastic parts, brake discs, brake pads, slight surface scratches, etc
Screws, loss of screws, or stripped screws due to over-forcing
Installation of unauthorized components or accessories
Unauthorized alterations or repairs
Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect
Labor charges for part replacement or changeover
The cost or shipping of another escooter or ebike box (your responsibility to keep the original box or purchase a new box if needed due to replacement or repair)
Ebikes or escooters used for commercial activities, including those in rental, demo, or security fleets
Failures due to water damage, improper charging, power surges, or lack of proper winter storage (maintaining 30%-80% battery capacity in room temperature)
Products not purchased directly on this website, such as those from other platforms or resold by others, etc.
Please contact us and obtain our written approval before sending any item back. Products returned without acceptance will not be refunded.


Step 1: Take a picture/short video of your question.

Step 2: Send a short description of the problem, pictures or videos of issue, order number, tracking number, serial number, along with the original proof of purchase to service@haloknights.com.

Step 3: We'll diagnose your problem and if it's clear what's wrong, we'll provide a solution.

Step 4: When it comes to issues that can’t be diagnosed in the first place, we will send you the troubleshooting files, it will need you to detect according to our detection method and provide us with the corresponding videos or pictures, and we will give a solution after receiving the videos or pictures.

Step 5: We will verify your order information and delivery address, and reissue the corresponding accessories to you.

If ebikes or escooters incur damage during transportation or develop issues upon arrival, we will dispatch free accessories from China, and we'll cover the freight charges. We kindly ask you to inspect the scooter's condition within one week of receiving the goods. If more than one week has passed, it will be assumed that the goods were received in good condition. In case of spare parts breaking within the warranty period, free accessories will be shipped from China, and you will be responsible for the freight. Each accessory is entitled to one free replacement; if it breaks a second time, you'll need to purchase and replace it yourself. Lifetime technical service is available.

For all damaged parts within the warranty, you are obliged to collaborate with us in sending them back to our repair center or China, and we will cover the freight costs. Occasionally, we may need to receive the damaged parts to analyze the failure reason and make improvements.

If you lack the time or ability to repair it yourself, you can utilize one of our repair centers (labor is free). However, you will be responsible for shipping costs, taxes, and obtaining the ebike or escooter box if the original box has been disposed of. You can also personally take the ebike or escooter to the service center if needed. Please contact us to determine your nearest service center.

Prior to initiating repair services, we must receive a video or image showcasing the alleged problem, order number, tracking number, serial number, along with the original proof of purchase. Failure to comply with this procedure may hinder Halo Knight from providing further limited warranty services.

Given the technical nature of electric bikes and scooters, we request that you maintain your chosen ebikes and escooters correctly and diligently. Assemble your scooter according to our unboxing video and ensure you fully charge your ebike or escooter upon receipt. Electric scooters and bikes require regular maintenance, including tightening all screws and bolts, cleaning to prevent rust, and addressing squeaky brakes. Avoid riding in the rain and ensure proper storage in winter (maintain 30-80% battery capacity in room temperature).

For any maintenance issues, our team is always available to assist, and you can refer to the Halo Knight maintenance guidelines. Please contact us if you are unsure before attempting any maintenance tasks. Customers are required to keep the ebike or escooter’s original box in case of repairs, as the goods needs to be returned in its original packaging.

If any part of your order is missing or incorrect (missing accessory or wrong scooter received), please notify our team within the first 7 business days of receipt for a free replacement or parts. Please note that if the ebike or escooter is used within these 7 business days, Halo Knight will not be able to exchange or return the product. For any questions or comments, our team is always available and happy to help at service@haloknights.com. 

If you find that you are not eligible for warranty coverage, Our Assisted Replacement Program may offer preferred pricing for riders that are not eligible for warranty. For further details on terms and eligibility, contact customer service.